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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

A Former Navy SEALs Details Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Tactics

The third and final episode of Ubisoft's "Believe in Ghosts" video series has been released. In this last chapter, former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper/scout Richard "Mack" Machowicz details some of the tactics and high-tech gadgets you'll be able to utilize in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier -- including the very cool-looking unmanned aerial vehicles.

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  • The game still looks meh,I much preferred the old Ghost recon games,but I guess I have Arma 2 if I want tactical shooting now.
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  • Looks awesome can't wait for May 22.

  • To bad my heart was stolen by Starhawk! That my 60$ bucks for may.

  • Isn't this the dude from Deadliest warrior and that future weapons show? Anyway I've always loved seeing what ridiculously awesome things the army and DARPA come up with.
  • The game and that UAV looks pretty sweet! ^_^

  • The game looks amazing at times but still seems like it lacks in the advertisements like COD does.. I want to see some Michael Bay stuff. Hahaha I really do like how the game uses future warfare as a playground for the game as it has never been done before but if done right it can be the new "thing."
  • Future Solider's Tactics?

  • this guy is really a sniper ? sorry , ..a former one ?

  • this guy is really a sniper ? sorry , ..a former one ?

  • Ive been waiting for this game for a year now... hope it was worth the long wait.

  • Can't wait for this I am so ready for the beta.

  • Im getting it cause of thw Kinect and that's all personally dislike these kind of shooters.

  • That guy uses an abundance of hand gestures.

  • That video was so overacted and overdramatic, typical of anything american you see on tv and... pretty much anywhere else. I mean, who really gets excited about seeing a grown man say "get ready to believe in ghosts" in a Batman-y voice?
  • Speaking of Mack, I still need to finish the Future Weapons series...

  • I love how always moves his hands right and left as he's talking

    its so funny the last time he says "now you all have a reason to believe in ghosts"

    "and share that knowledge with your teamates online" = sounds like a tard

    they should have gotten Chuck Norris to do this :)
  • They could have gotten anyone but instead they get "Mack."

  • I don't play the Ghost Recon games but this one is pretty cool looking.  Also that guy uses his hands too much when he's talking...

  • Mack seems to be everywhere these days. He wrote a book, was an expert in deadliest warrior, worked on the future weapons show, AND is a spokesperson for ghost recon?
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