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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

New Developer Diary Covers Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Animation

Along with a handful of screens, Ubisoft has released a new video that shows off Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's many animations.

The main character alone has over 2,500 animations, and all the motion capture was performed by former Navy Seals operatives, so it should look pretty realistic.

Check out the developer diary below, and look out for Future Soldier on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 22. A PC version has been announced, but will arrive after the console versions.

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  • Man i cant wait for this, i love the franchise and its take on futuristic weapons. Esp that so far it hasnt been about new weapons like lasers or such, but doing cool things with the stuff we all ready have.

  • Beautiful

  • i wonder when the pc version is coming out. If it has the always online DRM though they might as well not even bring to the PC because it just scares consumers away.
  • Can't wait please don't get postponed again, the wait is becoming unbearable.

  • Cannot wait

  • So getting this day one!

  • Gears of the future duty soldier 4
  • The animation and graphics definitely look impressive. I always appreciate a good tactical shooter, and enjoyed the GRAW games. Hopefully I'll really enjoy this when it releases

  • I'm hoping this game really comes out on May 22. Have been waiting forever for a decent tactical shooter and something that isn't Cod or Battlefield. Thank god Tom Clancy is coming back.

  • So glad they are bringing this back! Between Future Soldier and Patriots I think this year will get me back into shooters.

  • Damn. Movement looks completely lifelike. I'm impressed.

  • I'm skeptical, but still looking forward to it.

  • Can't wait, pre-ordering next week.

  • This looks so good!So does Spec Ops:The Line

  • Cover system seems very smooth and the animations are very lifelike.  Impressive...most impressive.

  • i am so pumped for this game! (just as long as they don't delay it another 6 months)

  • This looked awesome and is more of the type of game I can get into regarding modern military shooters.  Much more tactical and objective driven unlike Call of Follow or Battlefollow.

  • cantt wait. I completely adore GRAW and Ghost Recon series in general. I remember playing  the original GR on xbox with my Dad and if this is anything like those games, I will be very satisfied for aa long while.

  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's animations and cover system are pretty sweet.

  • I can't wait, already have it preorderd for May 6th... or is it may 22nd... or maybe next year? what's the release date now?

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