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  • Blog Post: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Reviewification

    Ok, Ok, I know I'm way late to the game here but seeing as I only got the game a few weeks ago I decided to write my thoughts down in case anybody is else is looking to pick up this and is unsure about what they're getting into. I'm only going to cover the single player aspect in a paragraph... More
  • Blog Post: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

    Ghost Recon fans have waited for years for this game to come out, and now it finally is here! How does it stack up? It was a disappointment. I was never too excited for this game. I just thought that there with so many good games out there raising the bar and providing us with non-stop excitement and... More
  • Blog Post: Better than expected....

    To start off I think that everyone else besides Gameinformer have it a correct score. Their review is somewhat right yet wrong in a way. So first the core gameplay is basically like Gameinformer said it isn't as unique as it once was but yet it still is in a way so I recommend playing campaign it's... More
  • Blog Post: A conflict of opinions, a difference of ideas.

    This is the Ghost Recon I waited for. It's not Call Of Duty, it's not Battlefield, it's not Gears of War, it's not God of War, it's Ghost Recon so I knew not to compare it to other games such as the ones just mentioned and instead I compared it to the experiences I had with past titles... More
  • Blog Post: great game actually

    I love this game! i was sure it would get a better rating from gi. The campaign was was a little slow at first and the ending was kinda random but it is really fun. the only aggravating thing i found is that computers cant spot people, cut scenes get tedious, and loading is pretty ridiculous, but i got... More
  • Blog Post: Very Fun ! But incredibly slow and laggy at times But Like Skyrim it is highly recommended

    First of all, I'm not putting this game down in any way I'm simply stating the one flaw that I found in the game .I just finished the main game and i enjoyed it very much the sync shot and the lock-on ammo had to be the coolest part of the game but if the Ubisoft server goes down or the service... More
  • Blog Post: REallY!!!!

    ok... let me start me start by saying while the review i just read may have factors that are true, the writers judgement is incredibly biased. Ok obviously COD and Battlefield have grabbed the military shooters scene, or as the writer puts it "took over the world" His break down of what is... More

    I preordered this game about 3 months ago and have been very excited as I anticipated to play this game over the summer. I have to say, as much as Ive played it is impressive and wasnt a let down in the least. I do connect with the grass thing that was said in the official review, but that is it. This... More
  • Blog Post: pretty darn good

    some of the complaints revolve around funtions that can be changed such as button mapping and controls , but the overhall game i really enjoyed. epecially for a series that has not pumped out a game in 5+ year. ive always liked the ghost recon series and this game relates back to all of the really pivitol... More
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