In todays market any FPS needs to take creative measure in order to stand out from the crowd.  Ghost Recon FS makes impressive strides in delivering some new takes on traditional first person shooters (FPS).  

Working with a team of 4 elite warriors (including yourself), teamwork is crucial in completing any mission regardless of difficulty. Sync-shots, stealth kills, and camo that makes you almost undetectable when not moving even at close ranges are features during this (campaign) mode.  Also, Future Soldier uses a cover system that enables the player to move from cover to cover without the risk of over exposure to gunfire.


Weapons control allow you to customize every aspect of a gun you could think of, and even some you couldn't.  Loadouts help you to bring exactly what you want and need to complete missions as well as in-game mission challenges.

Multiplayer features all that's right ALL objective based lobbies to get your gaming on. Until this lastest DLC (Khyber Strike) there were no matches decided by kills or kills total.  Points were awarded for completing objectives and executing teamwork actions.  There are 3 classes of soldier each with there own perks, weapons (through a rank progression), and styles of play.

Scout: This is the sniper class but can be tailored for short range combat.

Rifleman: This is the heavy armored and heavily armed class.

Engineer: The recon class of the three, and probably the most versatile. 

Guerilla mode features several different maps meant for co-op in which wave after wave of enemies descend upon your position. 50 waves in total with perks unlocked after certain waves completed without dying.  This mode is sure to test ones skills as well as teamwork.

Overall the 8.5 is for excellent story and campaign gameplay. The continual DLC packages are a bit disappointing with not much meat to any of them so far.  Multiplayer tries to detour campers by awarding teamwork actions and objective based points.  Servers seem to have a lot of problems which gets old and aggravating very fast.  Graphics are tight and the game flows really well.  Recommend and look forward to future games from this series.