I never really played any of the Tom clancy's games before and thought it would be great to start with GR: Future soldier. Then, I started to here some negative reviews, which then made me iffy about getting it. I decided screw it, and bought the game. It might not show alot of originality, but GR: FS takes us back with some quite fun gameplay.

Graphics are all right. Enviroments, explosions, and cutscenes can look great, but the facial work is different. The faces look sloopy and just not good. It makes the game more of a all right graphics game, toward a great graphics game.

Gameplay can be pretty fun. Annoying maybe at first, but once you get used to them, then you'll be just fine. The game has a good score, and a all right story, with good voice acting. It also has a pretty fun multiplayer that'll probably keep you coming back for more.

Overall, Ghost recon: Futrue soldier is a pretty fun game that even though it brings alot of old back into a new gaming generation, it still a game to try. Could've been a little better, but sill a TPS to try out. That's why I would give Ghost Recon: Future soldier a

8.75 out of 10