Ghost Recon fans have waited for years for this game to come out, and now it finally is here! How does it stack up?

It was a disappointment. I was never too excited for this game. I just thought that there with so many good games out there raising the bar and providing us with non-stop excitement and whole new worlds to explore, a game like Ghost Recon would look like a game from the past. It's slow, stealthy pace would provide a challenge, but not seem like fun for long. This turned out to be spot on.

There were moments in the game where you felt like a bad ass, or where you got really into the mission at hand, but overall it all blended into one long, drawn out, sometimes frustrating sneak-a-thon. My frustrations with the game started early, when in the fist level I couldn't figure out how to mark-and-execute. Well, it turns out they don't let you do that until level 3. As they hyped that so much and it clearly would work well in the first levels, why not let you do it? Are we that dumb that we can't use that control right away?

Then in the second level you get the Drone. That is a cool tool. The driving on the ground thing is hard to control, but in the air it is awesome. My problem with the Drone is that the tool is so useful that you find yourself just hovering over the "killbox" and marking targets for your team to take out. Then you come out of it and move on. It just seems too easy and boring. After using it for the first few levels I didn't use it anymore. It seems like cheating. It wasn't fun.

Another thing I didn't like is the over reliance or over usefulness of the magnetic view. We already saw how this can be misused in Arkham Asylum and here it is the same thing. You might as well play the game completely in that mode as it is way better for doing well in the game then not being in it. If you walk around in that the game seems dumb though, so I constantly switched between the two.

The graphics in this game have been criticized a lot, but I thought the enivorments looked good. There was a lot of detail.

There were some glitches, like weird movements by your guy and the ai, I got stuck once, you can walk into walls and objects (like inside them partially). The game freezes occasionally as it loads. When you are in the middle of a mission and it freezes to load it is annoying. The graphics  are good but it must be like 30 fps which maybe makes it seem rocky. The cool camera movements compensate for that, although they get boring after awhile. I didn't like the camera movements as you go through doors with your whole team, or when you had to take group breaks.

The story is basically MW2. There are even levels that look riped straight from COD, like Makarov's house. The story is Russian terrorists try to take over Russia and even kidnap the president and get their hands on a nuke or something. Blah blah blah. Another generic story.

The characters are kind of cool. I like the *** feeling of their cutscenes. Too bad that doesn't constantly carry over into gameplay. The acting was a  little off, but it was okay.

Overall, I think this is a game Tom Clancy fans and 3rd person shooter fans should play, but it is a rent, not a buy, unless you love the multiplayer which I couldn't play (no code). 


Not for kids like 12 and under