There's a lot to like and dilike about this game so I'll keep it brief. SP: Why is there a mini-cut scene every 2 minutes? You're immerced in the area and gameplay when the next thing you know it's over and you're on to something else. MP: Beside the 5 load screens you have to go thru (Kinect,3/4Soldier shot/DLC/Intergrating DLC/Full face of soldier/Controller) before you can get in a room "tactical" in this game means, "somebody runs around the entire map and shoots you in the back". Going to the objective you need to get in and get out. Not this game because it has one person and one person only accessing the data which takes about 30 seconds. More than one on your squad speeding things up? Nope.Prepare to be killed. Spwaning: The absolute worst. 200 hours into this game and you'd get a medal.