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Better than the others!!!!!

 WooooW! I give GRFS a 10. Hey it's different far from Call of Duty and Battlefield. It's about time we stray from the basic shooter. Here we have a Team that have to work together to complete the mission, if not you fail. (The real world) The gun shop is awesome,the gadgets no other shooter has :) Yo! This team is focused theirs no running around like a chicken with out a head or has to be interrogated. My opinion GRFS and Medal of Honor are two GREAT games a shooter can enjoy.

  • I agree i think the reviewer was a little harsh. maybe a little used to COD games and forgot how to work together with a team.

  • I appreciate you cut through the crap and gave the game your Honest opinion.Working together is a foreign concept for some, and its easy to get blinded by the hype. Sure the game Has some of its fundamentals taken away, but this is a different type of game. Thanks for this review.

  • This game is no runner and gunner, I love this game after such a long wait it's about time. Modern warfare, has nothing on GHOST RECON : FUTURE SOLDIER. It takes real team work even in the online matches unlike MF3 and all the rest of them. Iwould have to agree Jah King on his review, the gun shop is the SH.. Just one of the GREATEST things in the game

  • This game was amazing!  I loved the strategic gameplay far better than the run-and-gun style of games like Call of Duty. I enjoy teamwork and think that it is undervalued in most first-person-shooters.  The multiplayer was awesome, and I adored Gunsmith.  Just being able to even change the trigger and gas systems was really cool.  I also enjoyed the fact that you didn't have to babysit your squad mates ,and that they had enough sense to go invisible around enemies.  There were only a handful of bad things about the game like, the graphics (which really weren't that bad), the lack-luster character models, and the lack of campaign matchmaking. Overall I give this game a 9/10!

  • This game is a definite breath of fresh air. It differs from Call of Duty is so many ways. The gunplay is uniquely different ie. customizable weaponry vs. run and gun. The maps are thought out and challenging. The play of the squad is realistic. Need I say more! The game is a 9/10.