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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage

Ubisoft has had a few bizarre missteps in the media blitz leading up to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's release. Fortunately, the game's launch trailer plays it pretty straight. The clip shows off some of the game's scenarios and also sets up a bit of its story.

The launch trailer shows off what happens when a missile defense system has to take out a threat in a crowded urban area (spoiler: it's not pleasant), as well as how the Ghosts work together in the field. The game puts an emphasis on high-tech gadgetry, and you'll see remote drones, invisibility suits, and more in the trailer.

Look for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22 and on the PC on June 12.

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  • it looks good to me but I'm still slightly skeptical. I'm anxious to see what the GI review is. I trust their judgement

  • Riot shield = stopped bullet

  • That was pretty good.

  • Need to get this game.

  • The music in that trailer was pretty awesome (even if you actually can stop a bullet).

    Can't wait for this game.

  • I'm drowning in GR:FS media. Make it stop. I get it. GR:FS is coming out soon. Dayum.
  • it looks great but idk..somethin bout it seems slightly boring to me. same ole stuff.
  • I rented Battlefield 3 and MW3 and played through them and had some fun with them but never felt the need to buy them...I'm seriously considering buying this one though.  This one looks like it has a little bit more to it then "Walk from point A to point B, fight, walk from point B to point C, fight" I especially liked the stealth stuff.  Not a big stealth fan but this game makes it look pretty cool.

  • This game looks bad***.  Oh, and you CAN stop a bullet.

  • One of GOTY

  • I love strategic Military games. Not the ones where you enter a level and just start blowing dudes away. I like to earn my kills, work hard doing it and take the time to do it. Games like these, I could spend hours in one level using stealth to kill the enemy. It's so much more fun and rewarding in the end.

  • This looks awesome.

  • I have a bad feeling about this one...

  • What no reality stars?, no stupid slogans?. I'm shocked.

  • After seeing the live action video they did I started watching trailers and it looks nice. I've a previous one for a bit before, but the controls seemed a bit off. This on the other hand seems streamlined. Probably gonna pick it up.

  • That beta was no fun.  I couldn't believe how nofun it was.

  • It lots great, definitely a day one must the way am i the only one who think the game looks slightly different to when it was showcased at E3 back in 2010?
  • Kinda funny there's a Ghost Recon ad before a Ghost Recon trailer

  • Before the trailer started there was an add for GRFS. Seems like they really are tryin to sell me this game.

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