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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Launch Trailer Sets The Stage

Ubisoft has had a few bizarre missteps in the media blitz leading up to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's release. Fortunately, the game's launch trailer plays it pretty straight. The clip shows off some of the game's scenarios and also sets up a bit of its story.

The launch trailer shows off what happens when a missile defense system has to take out a threat in a crowded urban area (spoiler: it's not pleasant), as well as how the Ghosts work together in the field. The game puts an emphasis on high-tech gadgetry, and you'll see remote drones, invisibility suits, and more in the trailer.

Look for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22 and on the PC on June 12.

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  • I feel like I've watched this too many times. Every time I want to watch a video on game informer, I see a lot of this.
  • Now to figure out a schedule so I can work some time into this during Diablo 3
  • I can't wait for this game. I think I'm gonna obsess over this until Halo 4 comes out. And then I'll obsess over that until Crysis 3 comes out. Anyways, GRFS looks like the tactical shooter I've been waiting for.
  • GOTY! and i really like that song. kinda catchy.
  • I might rent this... That song is pretty catchy though.

  • Last! That means no one is allowed to comment after me!
  • It sucks that I only have money for one game right now because I'd really like to Dragon's Dogma as well as Ghost Recon. I'm gonna get Ghost Recon though because quite frankly, I loved the beta.

  • Yet again... So little views.

  • but you can stop a bullet
  • Im sorry, but Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 are just stealing the show, no room for Future Recon

  • This game looks great! Can't wait! Been following this since it was announced back in 2010!

  • nice to see that the game is ACTUALLY coming out rather than another delay, but after all the delays it will prolly be good!

  • I've had about enough of this game already. Every time I watch a video, I see that 30 second clip. Even on this trailer, there it was. Even when I reload a video, it's there. It never goes away.
  • Awesome.  This game looks pretty good but I have a feeling it'll feel repetitive and the tech you use may get old after a while.  the graphics look very bland as well.  I've been looking forward to this game, but it isn't looking good to me so far.  I hope they prove me wrong.

  • Son of a b*tch I can't wait for this game

  • I doubt I'll be getting this game.

  • Ok, so in the live action one the black guy dies. And now it looks like they have replaced him with another black guy. What I want to know is...

    Why does there always seem to be a 1 black guy maximum in cast for games and movies? Only way to get another black guy is by killin off the first or throwing him out of the group. Why not have it so one of the 3 white guys die and he is replaced by a black guy or anything else I guess.

    That being said, this game looks pretty good.
  • the trailer is pretty weak but still cant wait for the game!!!!

  • How come all Spec Ops forces sound like they smoked for 10 years and drank for 15.
  • It just seems like this game can't suck.

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