Yeah, it looks pretty harsh, and actually I didn't think I'd be saying as much as I plan on about this game as there's really nothing much to it. The game is nothing like previous Ghost Recon games, it's pretty much a plain old 3rd person shooter. I rented the game, never got to finish it as it was so stale and boring that I couldn't quite do it. I said the CD wasn't working and got another game. So anyway, back to this. The graphics, as expected on the Wii, aren't very good. The gameplay is slow, easy and repetitive. Sound quality and effects sound like a bunch of MIDI files. Also there's absolutely no replay value whatsoever for this game. Actually there isn't even much reason to finish the game. It's terrible, I would bring the score down even more, but I can't let my anger for the stain put on Ghost Recon's name take control of me. Don't get this game.