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Gears of War: Judgment

This Is Probably Gears Of War: Judgment's Box Art

Neither Microsoft or Epic Games have officially announced that this is Gears of War: Judgment's box art, but all signs point to official.

The box below, which has the European PEGI rating, showed up on NeoGAF, and if you check out the official page for Gears of War: Judgment you can see a small image of the box in the corner that looks remarkably similar.

Gears of War: Judgment is releasing March 19 for Xbox 360.

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  • bioshock infinite
  • Baird mother f*****s!!!!!!
  • Man, I just cannot get myself psyched for this game. Don't know what it is, but prequels just kill my interest.
  • As an individual who has spent over 200 hours in each gears of war game (and over 600 in Gears3), I won't be purchasing this game. I've gotten several chances to play this game, and I can tell you that it's not Gears of war. They've taken out Down But not Out mode, and continue to move the game into a more casual gaming audience. I hope this game fails and Epic realizes they shouldn't abandon their fanbase.
  • I'm not a Gears of War fan, but the box art looks good.  I am sure that the tone of the art will fit the game perfectly.

  • Meh, I'm sure I'll get it but I'm not so hyped.
  • I like it but for some reason the Crackdown 2 box art comes to mind when I see this. Not a bad thing, just real random.

  • Every game companies logic: Let's put our main character in front of a flag. GENIUS!
  • Woah this comes out in March? A lot of these 2013 release dates have been way under my radar for some reason. Don't know if I'll be getting this one anyway. GoW3 is still entertaining.
  • looks like poop. ugly poop.
  • I'll be getting it, but probably not at realease. I already have my hands full with a backlog of games, and Dead Space 3 comes out too close to this release.

  • Despite what everyone thinks, I really don't think it's that bad. But while I do think this probably will be the box art, I'm skeptical because wasn't there a fourth member (a middle-aged man) to their squad, and I doubt they'd leave him out unless it pertained to the story which would then help to give that away...

    Edit: How is this much different from the Gears of War 3 box art, its just Marcus holding his gun against the ground surrounded by his team...
  • I think Baird needs more facial hair. People would go crazy for Baird's beard.

  • A very awkward pose for Baird, just a very uninspired cover. Do they spend more than 10 min of these anymore?

  • It looks dark and intense, shet just got real!

  • Pretty generic box art. Just looking at it has me bored of shooting things already.
  • Hey, it could certainly be worse.

  • Looks good and I'm excited for the game. Box art has never really affected my purchase (or non-purchase).

  • I thought they already announced it was.

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