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Gears of War: Judgment

Baird, Snippet Of Gameplay In New Judgment Trailer

Check out this new Gears of War: Judgment trailer, released today to coincide with Microsoft's E3 press conference.

The trailer is mostly about Baird, but does showcase a bit of gameplay at the very end. 

  • When did Cid from FF7 become so buff?

    In all seriousness though, I'm pretty excited about this game! I always did like playing as Baird.
  • Looks promising

  • I'm... not sure how to feel about this. But it does have the locust again, which is a huge point in its favor.

  • Wow, intense

  • First Halo 4 looks like a Halo Reach add-on now this looks like a Gears 3 DLC. Seriously though, this would work great as a DLC but a full game? No.
  • Looks awsome

  • Where are they going with this story? Seriously? How can you top basically the world exploding and all human kind being eradicated? On a plus side, I'll play as Baird, sure. I always root for the smartass, anyway.
  • wow

  • wow

  • I wish both GOWs would of moved on to different games.
  • I was really hoping they'd go with a Pendulum Wars game. We've seen the Locust for three games now, it would be cool to see some of the wars between the different human factions before it all went to hell on E-Day.

  • Looks good.

  • More sequels, yay!

  • Looks great just wondering whether or not it's a prequel.
  • This is something I'll give it that

  • Spoiler Alert! Weren't all of the Locust wiped out by Marcus's father in the end of Gears 3? End of Spoiler.
  • Wow, a gears ow war game not made in house by epic, set during a war we fought already, staring Baird, the one person in the series everyone hates. Ya epic, good thinking. after a great trilogy, make a game that bores us to death.

  • This is a huge let down for me. Letting the most annoying, whiny character become the main one is a bad move. Get it together Epic, and, pleeeeaaassseee, mix it up this time!!!!

  • sooo over gears of war.... the end of the 2nd and the whole of the third really killed it for me and a lot of people I know...

  • Always liked baird, the smartass that he is.

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