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  • Blog Post: Gears of War: Judgment Review - A Stalling Chainsaw

    The Gears of War series seems to be in an awkward situation at the moment. The ending of Gears 3 (which I won't go into, as to avoid spoilers) hasn't left much on the table for a sequel, but the series simply makes too much money to just fade away. One of the more obvious directions for the series... More
  • Blog Post: Gears of War Judgment : A Game of Subtraction

    I have been a subscriber to GI for awhile now and have played video games all my life. Pretty recently I started playing Gears of War 3. Although I have always been impressed with the graphics and gameplay of the Gears series, I just never played it for some reason. Even after a friend gave me a copy... More
  • Blog Post: Dissappointing

    Gears of War lost its identity with this game. Judgement was made by People Can Fly who made Bulletstorm and is where most of the influence of Judgement's campaign comes from. Instead of just going through the campaign just to hear the story and live through moments of the character's lives,... More
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