Gears of War has always been an amazing series. The perfect combination of an explosive campaign, unbeatable co-op, and tactical multiplayer has always been a favorite for fans of third person shooters. And anyone who's held a controller. However this is the first GoW with a new team. People can fly have helped before on past GoW, but this is their first solo game. If you have played past GoW, you will realize that People Can Fly aren't super creative geniuses. The multiplayer differs from past Gears games. In Team Deathmatch, COG vs. Locust is now COG vs. COG. I am a little disappointed by this. There is absolutely no need for that and I would have liked to customize my own Locust again. Although weapon customization is expanded, the new armor and weapon skins seem a little colorful and bright for a Gears game (especially rainbow).  Character customization got even worse. There are less than half of the amount of characters than GoW 3 and I just use Marcus because of pre-ordering. A new feature in multiplayer is automatically dying. The down but not dead feature has been taken out, which really just takes off a bit of what made GoW, well, GoW. Although I did enjoy multiplayer, the frantic and tactical action from past Gears has been taken out for the "Call of Duty" style running randomly around the map that so many people love these days. Out of all the Team Deathmatch maps, there is only one I really enjoyed. However I'm not surprised since there is only 4 maps. It seems like kind of a rip-off to me and the replay value goes down quickly. The AI in multiplayer also seemed like they got dumber. In Gears 3, Hardcore was what I usually played on. Now I play on Insane and it's not even a challenge. However, people with Live will probably playing Live (which I suggest). Judgement still features some good TD fun though, and is cool to play for a while. Now for OverRun. That is the one mode that I extremely enjoyed. It's COG vs. Locust, with the Locust trying to open the E-hole and the COG defending it. It is a blast. Playing as the COG is a challenge, and teams need to work together. Engineer can rebuild barriers and set up turrets, assault can give out ammo, medic can heal teammates, and scouts can throw beacons. It's awesome playing on co-op with a friend and I just love being all the Locust classes and destroying anything I touch. Survival, the new horde, just seems there to be there, but Gears fans will still be at home. The campaign is OKAY. If you want a game with a firefight in the first five seconds, Judgment's your game. There's a lot of action even if the difficulty has been taken down. I was surrounded by six Locust, even more wretches, and came out unscathed. One thing I enjoyed though was trying to get tree stars for every segment of a mission. Declassified missions are chances (kind of like Halo skulls) where you can choose to make your missions harder. It can increase the amount of stars you get and adds replay value. I really liked getting to choose if I wanted dark wretches to replace regular ones. It added some nice difficulty. The graphics are good, but I could mistake it for GoW 3. The sound is still awesome. The battlefield just seems to come alive in Gears games and this is no exception. Overall this is a good game that no Gears fan should pass up, even if they may be disappointed.