Way, way too short. The match like format severely diminishes what little immersion exists.  This is more like a dlc expansion rather than a full game. Epic has truly picked our pockets for 60 bucks a pop. the so called mini campaign Aftermath is obviously a chapter of Gears 3 that was left on the cutting room floor.  PWF just pasted on some CG and palmed it of as "new content".  I don't blame CliffyB for leaving now, I wouldn't want my good name on anything like this. Love him or hate him, at least he wasn't into bamboozling  the customers.  Other than that, really nice graphics tho and if there was any music score it was so bland I didn't hear it.  If you are a die hard Gears fan (I am) then this is must have (because it is content) even if you have to grit your teeth shelling out 60 bucks for it. If your not just skip this ride, there are much more worthwhile games out there.