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Gears of War lost its identity with this game. Judgement was made by People Can Fly who made Bulletstorm and is where most of the influence of Judgement's campaign comes from. Instead of just going through the campaign just to hear the story and live through moments of the character's lives, you play through an arcade shooter with a narrator. While it's not the worst campaign they could have done, it's lacking in originality and takes all the arcade elements from Bulletstorm and tries to call itself a Gears campaign just because it uses character from the Gears universe. The campaign has always been nice to have but was never the main reason most people buy the game and multiplayer is where Judgement falters beyond what I could have even imagined. First, you have to choose between different gun loadouts, none of which allows you to have two what I will call primary weapons (i.e. gnasher and lancer). Instead you get one primary and one secondary (i.e. snub pistol) which is odd because you could always start with two primaries and a snub pistol in every previous game that it seems destructive to take away your ability to have two primaries. Part of the reason People Can Fly may have opted to make this change is also present in the multiplayer game modes. Free for all, domination, and team deathmatch are the three traditional competitive game types that make their way into Judgement and they are all copies of Call of Duty or any other first person shooter. It seems to me that People Can Fly could care less about what made Gears unique and just wanted to sell another generic shooter with the same generic control scheme and the same generic game modes and the same generic weapon loadout system. Even overrun copies team fortress with the class system and how the cog interacts. You think that's all they copied? Nope. They even copied Mass Effect 3 with their prizebox system. Instead of copying call of duty again and unlocking things based on experience points earned and what you choose, you are forced to unlock things randomly with prizeboxes. Want a really cool gun skin? Well you better pray that you can get a prize box which hopefully unlocks it for you because that's the only way your going to get it. Unless you want one of the skins you have to pay for. Yes, microtransactions are in Judgement and each character skin is going to net you $4 more, and there a lot of skins that are download and pay for only. People Can Fly effectively ruined everything that made Gears of War unique by changing mostly everything to copy another game instead of coming up with something new and creative and Epic just sat back and did nothing because they don't care about the games they make apparently, it's all about the money.

  • your review is based on only the negatives of the game without mentioning anything else about it.
  • 2.5...That's a bit harsh...

  • That is a bit low it is at least a 7

  • A 2.5 may be a bit harsh but it got people to read it and my points are now out there. Also, most of the good points in this game are based on what the original Gears team had done to the series since its inception, and so I'm only rating this game based on the additions that the new developer put in or the stuff they took out and replaced like in the multiplayer. If I were to include controls, graphics and other technical aspects, then yes this game could get a 7 but that wasn't the point I was trying to make or how I felt about the game. The game is just pieces of other games taped where Gears used to stand alone and innovate (think of every time you heard or read something mention a horde-like aspect in a game), it's not as original anymore and instead of leading, it looks like it's trying to follow like other generic shooters.
  • Sadly, I have to say I agree with pretty much all of this. And...I miss Wingman. Suddenly I feel like rebuying Gears 2.

  • I agree with the other guys. Your review is based off your personal feeling since its changed. This game still has life in it. But they can please everyone. So some ppl love it while others hate it. But it does not deserve in my on opinion a 2.5. This game is awesome!!! And I loved Bulletstorm. Been wanting People Can Fly to make a 2nd one.

  • It is now a 7