I've been an avid GOW player since the beginning, and after spending several hours with the game tonight, I felt it necessary to issue a warning to other GOW players who may have similar expectations to mine:  The classic GOW multiplayer experience is ruined.  I'm writing this because these things were not mentioned in any review I read on this game.  If I had known, I may have reconsidered my purchase.

Granted, my time with the game has been limited, but I can tell you this: every classic MP mode is gone.  No Execution, Warzone, KOTH, CTF, etc, etc.. all gone.  Now there's some Domination, FFA, and TDM.  The active reload damage boost is gone.  Down but not out, gone.  You can only choose one rifle type OR shotgun, a grenade type, and you get a Snub.  Pistols take up one of two weapon slots now.  This set-up completely removes the ability to quickly adapt to a situation by being able to choose from a grenade, shotgun, rifle, or pistol.  The set-up seems to make it pretty pointless to start with anything other than a shotgun, ruining some of the other really cool weapons.  The matches I played were a chaotic mess with seemingly no rhyme or reason; a pub-stomper's delight.

Everything else I saw is well done, and what I would expect.  The graphics are more or less what was presented on GOW3, the sound is spot-on, and the controls are as solid as they always were.  Everything mentioned in the GI review regarding the campaign is correct.  

The speed at which your character swaps weapons is also welcomed, but as I said, the two weapon slots (switch weapons with Y) makes no sense when you had four.  I'm pretty sure that grenades don't really need their own button, but that's debatable.  I would have rather seen the cover/dodge/run function mapped to LB instead.  Having that function on a face button makes as little sense now as it did when GOW1 released.

I need to note that I have not played the Overrun mode, so I can't comment on it, but I've heard nothing but good things about it in all six reviews I've read.  Overrun comes at the cost of Horde and Beast modes, and apparently nearly every other MP mode.  Time will tell if it's worth it.

 This definitely seems like a great third-person, shoot everything that moves shooter, and I'm sure I'll continue to have a good time with it for that.  However, if you're like me, and buy GOW for the Team-based head to head modes, you may want to steer clear.  I've been watching to downward spiral of GOW MP since the beginning, but I can't believe it's come to this.  Really disappointing.