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  • Blog Post: Gears of War ends strong

    So, I should start by saying that while I have always been a fan of Gears of War, I was never the biggest fan. I thought the games were fun, but not the Halo equal or replacement they wanted to be. Gears revolutionized games in a lot of ways. The stop and pop shooter elements revolutionized third person...
  • Blog Post: Gear of War 3 was fun to play and had some great graphics. Campain was fun and nice switch up with the characters. Multi-player was fun and creative on the aspects of it.

  • Blog Post: Gears of war 3 ends with an epic finale

    A few things first. I don't have a xbox360, but played GW3, and seen the whole campaign. Second off, this is a great game. Explosions, firefights, it's just so epic. It's really fun to play, and even the multiplayer is fun. This is the perfect way to end the seires in a big bang. Graphics...
  • Blog Post: The Horde mode

    I give the Gears of War 3 Horde mode a 9. I give it this score because its a great game mode-but its too easy. I can play through it on any map on Insane and only die a few times. I haven't purchased any DLCs for this game, and I don't use Mutators very often. Once you learn where the enemys...
  • Blog Post: A Successor to Gears of War 2!

    Gears of War just keeps getting better and better! From Campaign to Horde Mode, the changes and improvements go on. This is a true masterpiece and I would consider it a classic like Halo and Call of Duty (sticktly speaking calling it a classic). Although it is on the same engine, the graphics seem a...
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