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Gears of War 3 Blog Guidelines
  • Gears of War ends strong

    So, I should start by saying that while I have always been a fan of Gears of War, I was never the biggest fan. I thought the games were fun, but not the Halo equal or replacement they wanted to be. Gears revolutionized games in a lot of ways. The stop... More
  • Gear of War 3 was fun to play and had some great graphics. Campain was fun and nice switch up with the characters. Multi-player was fun and creative on the aspects of it.

  • Gears of war 3 ends with an epic finale

    A few things first. I don't have a xbox360, but played GW3, and seen the whole campaign. Second off, this is a great game. Explosions, firefights, it's just so epic. It's really fun to play, and even the multiplayer is fun. This is the perfect... More
  • The Horde mode

    I give the Gears of War 3 Horde mode a 9. I give it this score because its a great game mode-but its too easy. I can play through it on any map on Insane and only die a few times. I haven't purchased any DLCs for this game, and I don't use Mutators... More
  • A Successor to Gears of War 2!

    Gears of War just keeps getting better and better! From Campaign to Horde Mode, the changes and improvements go on. This is a true masterpiece and I would consider it a classic like Halo and Call of Duty (sticktly speaking calling it a classic). Although... More
  • Gears of war 3: what should be the GOTY

    Ever since finishing Gears 2 (did not play in chronological order), I started to get interested in the series. Interested enough to give the first a try, then i discovered a franchise that deserves to be at the same level of even Zelda or Mario. When... More
  • Gears of EPIC, anyone?!!

    I loved epics conclusion to the bigger than life franchise that is Gears of war. I wasn't surprised that even gaming magazines from over seas gave it standing ovations. Crisp gameplay, legendary music score, and its multiplayer has kept me glued for... More
  • We Are, THE GEARS OF WAR!!!!

    You hear that? Yes, that is a poor locust getting a chainsaw into his axial skeleton. Do you know what else that means? Well yes, one more bleeding corpse. But also GEARS OF WAR 3! With new weapons and enemies, this game did it right! (SPOILERS) Story... More
  • Gears of War 3: The most fan-f***ing-tastic game ever, mother f***er!

    Not having played a Gears game before, but knowing the hype over its release, I got it a little after it game out. hot ***. Hot ***. That's one of the best games I've ever played. The single player was immense. You could identify what kind of... More
  • Gears of War

    Concept Gears of War is a Series that rose up in the gaming industry because of its dynamic play out in the history of user game experience. It, like halo, was one of the first great games of it's era. This however has done little push the story to... More
  • A great game overall, but not what it could have been

    I gave this game some serious time to age on me. I really didn't want to jump on the 'It's brand new and perfect!" bandwagon. I've spent the past month playing this game daily, from online to offline on each mode type, and I have... More
  • This game won't dissapoint.

    Gears of war is a game I have not have a good history with. I have only played the 2nd one before this, and its safe to say I didn't like it. This one however, has the right to call its self the greatest 3rd person shooter of all time. Lets break... More
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