A few things first. I don't have a xbox360, but played GW3, and seen the whole campaign. Second off, this is a great game. Explosions, firefights, it's just so epic. It's really fun to play, and even the multiplayer is fun. This is the perfect way to end the seires in a big bang.

Graphics are great. The cutscenes look amazing. It looks so good. Score is great. The story is good as well. Not amazing, but still a passable story for this type of game. Voice acting is great as well. Everyone gave a great performance in the finale.

Gameplay is great. There's about 8-12 hour of campaign+ you have co-op campaign. Also, you have a awesome multiplayer. it's really fun, and gives you alot to do.

Overall, Gears of war 3 went out perfectly the right way for the story. EPIC gave a great thing that 1. Must have for Xbox360 people and 2. I'm kind of jealous thazt's it's not on PS3. Highly recomended. I would give Gears of war 3 a

9.5 out of 10