Ever since finishing Gears 2 (did not play in chronological order), I started to get interested in the series. Interested enough to give the first a try, then i discovered a franchise that deserves to be at the same level of even Zelda or Mario. When I saw Gears 3's "Ashes to Ashes" trailer, I flipped out for about two weeks.

Gears of war 3 is the most exquisite, genuine gaming experience no one should ever pass up. Graphics are stellar, story is engaging, and was extremely worth calling in sick from school.

Multi-player, Beast, and Horde are the second, third, and fourth best parts (not in order) of Gears 3

Beast is new and fun, though would be better if there were more waves and more creatures.

Horde Is better than ever, as it gives me an opportunity to stay through all 50 waves, with or without friends.

Multi-player, the fourth best part, is more diverse, thanks to TDM, new capture the leader, and the re-invented KOTH, though I must say spamming the Sawed-off shotgun is typical.

If you have a kid, spouse, relative, gf or bf that is a gamer, this is a must have (make sure they played the first two)