I loved epics conclusion to the bigger than life franchise that is Gears of war. I wasn't surprised that even gaming magazines from over seas gave it standing ovations. Crisp gameplay, legendary music score, and its multiplayer has kept me glued for quite a while. But amid all this ovation, i cant help but point one thing that made me shake my head in wonder; and that is the weapons skins. Yes, weapons skins. They are cool little additions to give your weapon a distinct look(which doesnt make your weapon better or not), but the game itself only gives you about 7 or 8 of them IF your dedicated enough to log in a LOT of hours in the game. Epics decision to charge players points for these skins starting from 400 points doesnt surprise me in the least bit with the market being as it is with the avatar accessories, what suprises me is that people actually buy it( 400 points to make your gun look pretty, guys, makes sense?). With its campaign expansion on the horizon and with the prospect of many others to come, spend your points on these and I guarantee that you will get your moneys worth out of gears of War 3 and its expansions. Enjoy!