You hear that? Yes, that is a poor locust getting a chainsaw into his axial skeleton. Do you know what else that means? Well yes, one more bleeding corpse. But also GEARS OF WAR 3! With new weapons and enemies, this game did it right!



Gears of War always had a very unique story line but not an unusual one. The earth is under attack, you must save it, blah blah blah. But Epic games took this whole idea and broke its neck like a meat sheild. Instead of the earth being attacked by aliens like in most Sci-Fi games, the threat was always on earth, and as we learn later. WE KNEW!!!!! You get to explore many parts of the world and see many different places. Including, the original Hammer Hit, Hanover, and a stranded city.  I mean the story was good, but it was nothing less than shoot this guy, blow this up, and the blow it up again. The ending left some kinda hole in your heart. But never the less it was amazing and made most gamers cry half way through.


This is were the game shines brighter than our bright sun. There are many different game types like: Horde 2.0, Beast, TDM, King of The Hill, Execution, Wingman, Execution, and many more. Epic fixed their server problems, I only expeirinced problems in the first couple days but no longer have I had that problem. I am not going to get into much detail here but it is safe to say, they did EVERYTHING correct this time around. Horde was touched up to the "t" and TDM is not longer that mode were most of the time you sit and wait to respawn. Basically try everthing you won't regret it.


Nothing was tweaked too much here from the first two games. You now have to hold down a button to pick up weapons and ammo but that about it. I will suggest you switch the control scheme. It switchs the button for the "roadie run" and "cover" so you don't have those moments when you get killed cause you went into cover instead of just running. It takes some getting used to, but after you do, if you are like me, your KDR will go up by .5

So basically get this game, if you like blood, testorone, and bullets get this game.