Gears of War is a Series that rose up in the gaming industry because of its dynamic play out in the history of user game experience.  It, like halo, was one of the first great games of it's era.  This however has done little push the story to become bigger and better.  The three GoW Games take you through the life Marcus Fenix who we know little to nothing about.  Seriously three games and no back story!?  And what's the deal with all the carmines?  A. B. and C. Carmine all brothers, in each game alphabetically and only C. survives.  That is some of the most retarded game characters ever.


Graphics are great spot on.  Blood splatters, tattoo facial features and environments all come to life in this game.


The sound score really brings a good game into action.  Play multiplayer, single player all sounds wonderful when your listening to GoW 3's epic soundtrack.  Each characters voice over in multiplayer is a real perk fans can enjoy and look forward too.


Between a solid cover and a poor running system, this game offers an enjoyable experience and hours of frustrating confusion online.


The online TDM is addicting and yet benefits GoW fans and Pros and hurts newcomers.  Hours yelling at being shot in the back while sawing and loosing cause your team consists of level 30's while playing against 60's, it could have been way better.

Replay Value

Moderately High