Gears of war is a game I have not have a good history with. I have only played the 2nd one before this, and its safe to say I didn't like it. This one however, has the right to call its self the greatest 3rd person shooter of all time. Lets break it down.

Graphics: Gears 3 looks amazing. All of the textures are polished, and everything looks good with the unreal engine. The characters, the guns, environment, you name it looks amazing here.

Controlls: They work great. They are responsive and always work. Nothing w]else to say here

Gameplay: Gears 3 has amazing gameplay. The cover system works well and there isn't any problems. The guns all feel great and different. There is so many tacticle options you can choose from. Rushing with retro lancers and saw-offs, to sniping with hammerburst. The aiming and hit detection is good, and the ADS with the hammerburst is a new way to play. The campaign is full of epic moments, and never lets you down. The game isn't repetitive at all, seeing as you have 8 to 9 multiplayer maps to play on. They all are expertly made, and with 6 gametypes including the all new team deathmatch, there is plenty to do with the online. The co-op features hoard and beast. Hoard goesup to wave 50. You get cash by getting kills and doing challenges, and you can spend them on 5 things and level them up. Barriers(up to level 8), decoys(I think 7 or 8), sentreys(7), turrets(8), and silverbacks(2).This addictive prosses is only helped by the fact that every 10 ways there is a fun boss wave. You can get berserkers(around 4), lambet berserkers(1,2 if your unlucky), reavers(6-10),gunkers(4-8),Savege corpers, or the hand(5-6), or brumaks(1-2). The next thing is beast, my favorite thing in the game. You can be locus and fight 12 waves of humans. They will upgrade things just like you, and you have to defeat them in 1 minuet. You gain time by killing people, and those people are stranded, cog gear, or onxy gard. There are "hero, the main people form the campaign. Cole has a boomshot, Dizzy has gernades and so on. If you want to know here are the locus you can be.

Tier 1= Ticker(75$), Wild ticker(75$), Buchers(300$), Savege drone(450$), and a Wrech(225$

Tier 2= Boudmount (750$ you control the beast, not the rider) Kantus(950$) and mauler (1350$)

Tier 3= Giant centipeed(1350$) Savege greadier(1050$) Savege corpser(950$) and Boomer(1500$)

Tier 4= Berserker (5650$) Armored Kantus(3350$) and savege boomer (1650, has a digger).

Story:Its nothing amazing but it is easy to figure out whats going on. When one person dies though, it is handeld very well

Replayability= This game has a ton. The campaign, horde, beast, and online is amazing. There is 100 levels, 42 collectables, 15 dog tags, and 17 mutaters (thing like cheets), and a bunch of medals and ribbons to collect. This game will entertain you till no end.

I hope you enjoyed my review and have a good day.