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The epic conclusion to one of the most celebrated series has finally arrived. Gears of War 3 has been long awaited since the original Gears back in '06. Take the defining gameplay mechanics of the franchise, polish those annoying bugs, mix in jaw-dropping action moments and what comes out? The single greatest conclusion to a trilogy in a long time: a game that will not leave any household for years to come.

The original Gears of War featured beautiful graphics and each installment after that seemed to build upon the foundation. Minor glitches occur every now and then, but it mostly consists of slowly loading textures. The environments and overall presentation of the game are simply stunning. The Unreal Engine has never looked better and the same muscular characters return with a more rugged, survivor look. Gears 3 looks gorgeous and there is not much the game could do to look any better.

Who doesn't love hearing the sound of a locust skull being bashed into oblivion? Gears 3 brings back all the snarls, curses, and bone crushing sound effects that made the series great to begin with. The subtle humor between COG members is still there as well as their small chit-chat between each other that serve as a sidekick to the gory violence. The soundtrack is as emotional and powerful as ever. Gears 3 is meant to be played with maximum volume; the louder the game, the better it is. For optimum entertainment, crank those speakers and be blown away.

Gears 1 had a different feel than any other game when it came out and that helped in its success. The over-the-shoulder camera angle, huddled down sprint, dives around the environment, and the chance to chainsaw enemies into chunks of red goo. The latest chapter cleans up the frustrating "cover grabs" that you never meant to do, as well as tighten the shooting mechanics. The pace of the game is balanced perfectly from intense sequences of chaos to distant sniping moments. Gears 3 also introduces a variety of new weapons. A Retro Lancer, Sawed-off Shotgun, and Digger are a few of the new weapons of destruction. Each has their own specialty and has to be tailored to the play style of the player. For example, the Sawed-off has the capability to rip three enemies to shreds with one blow, while the Retro Lancer has to be fired in short bursts to take advantage if its heavy stopping power. The new weapons are a great addition and a little flavor to the brutal battleground.

The conclusion to the war against the Locust has arrived. We finally get to prove to them and their queen that this is COG turf. There is no doubt Fenix and Co. have endured many hardships and felt the pain of a loss here and there, but they can now breathe slightly easier. The game opens up with Marcus Fenix and his companions on a ship that are so rudely interrupted by a few unfriendly Lambent. They soon uncover a message left from Marcus' dad about a way to stop the dreaded Locust Horde. From here on, the search for Father Fenix continues around various locations, while introducing new secondary characters. Among these include a few female ^&*# kickers. The story may not be the strong point, but the campaign is still over-the-top and fun as ever (especially since you can go about it 4 player co-op).

Horde mode returns with a bang. The max level is still 50, however the Locust are more relentless, and they have brought much larger friends that emerge on each tenth level. In order to slow down these masses, the player(s) can now build fortifications around a base; these involve laying out lines of Razor Wire, planting turrets, and even being able to take matters into your own hands with the chance to take control of a mech suit "Avatar style". 

In addition to Horde, another new feature (that term seems to be popping up every now and then) has been added called Beast mode. This allows you and some friends to play as any character from the Locust Horde and annihilate a specific number of Stranded survivors and COG members in a specific amount of time. As fun as this is, it is short lived. Only a dozen rounds can be finished and if only you could turn off the timer so one doesn't feel so rushed.


Now, the reason Gears took off and why it is so anticipated, multiplayer. Several game modes are playable, many of which we have seen before. There are a dozen or so new maps, and each one is fantastic. There is a map that we have seen in a previous Gears that makes a return since it was so widely popular. One will soon find out how addicting the online portion is and how hard it is to turn away. The core of the mechanics is still there, only add it in the new weapons and welcome back those sleepless nights.


All-in-all, Gears of War 3 is a conclusion done right. There seems to be an unlimited amount of things to do and ways to go about it. 4 player co-op is awesome, and the campaign is an absolute blast. The new weapons spice up the gameplay and the multiplayer has returned with a bang. It is almost a shame the online portion of the game is so good because it makes playing the other features and other games so hard to do. Overall, I give this grub slaying epic an almost flawless 9.75/10.