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Gears 3 review

Gears 3 seemed a 9.75 at the least for me because of everything it added, and how well Epic integrated it without fracturing what is the core of the game itself. The campaign surprised me the most. Four player co-op without the lag in Halo? Amazing, to say the least. But that wasn't the entire campaign for me, no, the story was compelling, driving me to the edge of my seat, and sometimes the floor because I scooted to far up. Queen Myrrah making her return when she should have died during the flooding of the locust tunnels, probably one of the most surprising moments in gears history for me. The best moment when I found out Adam Fenix was still alive, and that Prescott kidnapped him and shipped him off to Azura, with most of the key scientists of the Coalition. Beast mode was, to me, a welcome addition, and an interesting break from the norm. Playing as the locust to overrun the humans seems to give me that 'what if...' thought that never seems to break from my mind as I run through it.

Horde 2.0 is indeed 2.0. Bigger, better, and with more options then just camp in one place with a bunch of grenades, it places strategic base building in the palms of your hand. Setting up a command post, and then having a multitude of options to choose from, from spike-strips, to sentrys and Silverbacks, it teaches you to ration your money, and to give aid to those who can upgrade what you have already, or build something new and even more helpful then what you can crop up. I feel sad though that the Mutator element, I feel, was taken from Halo's Skulls. while funny, and some of them new, a lot disappointed me with it's too-close-for-comfort similarities (ex. Famine and No Ammo Drops)

Despite the similarities that seem to hold the game back from the creativity it can fully achieve, Gears of War 3 is a great game, and recommended for any who wish to try. But another recommendation, if you can't handle getting blown apart by a shotgun five times out of six, then multiplayer; like team deathmatch, or Warzone, might not be for you. For those who have the game, enjoy, and I hope to see you all on Xbox Live.

  • I was sorely dissapointed in Gears Of War 3...yes it is a stunning epic game in it's own rights but as one of many who finished 2 and pre-ordered 3 ...the wait was not worth it. Reasons for playing the game seem heavily stacked to online as the storlyine just didn't meet the hype.
    As well as numerous dissapointments in the equipment department....the Retro Lancer is the only new weapon and it's just not worth keeping ahold of. tell me which you would rather have a bayonet or a chainsaw? The Silverback was nice and I expected to see more use out of it but it's counter-part the "loader" just made my singleplayer experience seem lame-er.
    Which brings me to the Lambent, they mutate like the Las Plagas infected in RE4 sprouting rising tentacles and spouting fire...honeslty they seem like Locust with acid reflux...not very impressive, the human lambent reminded me alot of the human Husks from Mass Effect it wasnt even funny.
    I do give credit for it's massive development staff...but guys you had endless cashflow to wow us with...wheres the weapons? It was a fun playing experience I will say that but it just failed to meet the hype...and a 9.5 rating seems a bit like pandering if you ask me.