I was holding the Gears of War 3 box in my hands with a feeling of joy and anticipation towards all the fun I was going to have blowing my opponents to bits, and looking at the awesome new graphics, and trying out the new and improved Horde mode. I opened the box, took out the disk, put in the disc tray, and smiled when I touched the close button on my xbox and heard the distinctive "ding" it makes as if saying "all aboard this super awesome ass-kicking roller coaster of friggin death yo!" 

So I start playing it, and I keep thinking "This all seems very familiar. Have I played this before?" And it only took me asking myself that question about 4 times before I finally answered it with a yes. It's the same old game, no super epic changes, same darn game. If someone had never played the Gears franchise, and decided to start with Gears 3, it would blow their mind into 50 million different bits because it's NEW to them. Gears 3 is old, yea Horde is awesome, and Beastmode is awesome, but is that it? Really? 6 month delay and that's your punchline? I feel more robbed than when I'm watching Adult Swim and one of those commercials come on that just show words that usually make sense but leave me sitting there thinking "WTF was that?" 

Console games are becoming more and more redundant. Epic did a great job with Bulletstorm, yeah its graphics weren't the best but  it was different and new. Good thing the new Batman is coming out. Until then I will be repeatedly playing Rage and it will never bore me because it's new and original. That's just my opinion, and I'm sure tons and tons of you will disagree with me but I compare Gears 3 with a monotonous teacher. I just can't wait for the period to end so I can go on to something else.