The Gears franchise has to be one of the bloodiest and funniest franchises ever.The only thing that i think struggled a little in the franchise was the story.The first game is dark and semi-interesting.The second game was more interesting and epic.And the third game takes a little of both.The story is so great,the voice acting rocks,makes me feel like i am watching a movie when the cutscenes show up.Plus its incredibly epic!You fight a HUGE fish monster the first 30 min!And you fight more of those size monsters a few more times too.It is also mildy funny, and pretty dam sad.There is one part in story that made me almost bust a tear,and you will know when it happens.And i was always curious to what happend next,and it goes at a great pace,never was bored.Plus the campaign is long.I played about 10 hours of campaign and im in the final act! So its probobly like a 12 hour campaign(I was playing on Hardcore).The multiplayer is outstanding,could put COD and Battfield to shame.Why you ask?It just FEELS so smooth,and the maps are great,not to many new weapons,but they are sweet.And then you have Beast mode,which is the oppisite of Horde.It has you play as Locust and you (with 4 other players online) have to kill humans(CPU) in a minute or less.It becomes progressively harder by adding turrent,more enemies,etc.Then Horde mode is the same except you could buy weapons,turrents,barriers and more,plus upgrading them.And every 10th wave you fight bosses such as Brumaks,Berserker,etc.And the campaign is also playable in 4 player co-op.And everything listed above is playable online.So overall this game is a TRUE sequel,packed with so much stuff that it shouldnt be legal.

PROS:Epic Campaign,greatest multiplayer in franchise,great upgrades in Horde,sweet new Beast mode,unreal engine better than ever,music is sweet

CONS:Going to spend TOO much time playing this

Overall Score:10