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  • Wiki Page: Dead AI

    I have loved the Gears of War series so far but a little warning, don't rely on the AI later on in the game. During the game I wold have trouble with the AI camping on a wall and shooting at it throughout many levels. Just a guide to tell you, GET A BUDDY TO PLAY THE GAME WITH YOU ON INSANE, or you...
  • Wiki Page: Weapon FAQ

    Okie doke so this is my 1st FAQ and I know if you have a game manual (if you bought the game) you can find all this in there but some people but the game used and the former owner loses the manual. SO, with that said, enjoy: - Snub Pistol -Excellent back-up weapon -Zoom capable The standard pistol of...
  • Wiki Page: Gears of War 2 Synopsis

    I made this a long time ago for another forum to show some kids what the real story of the second game was like because they were too afraid to buy it personally and figure it out. Yes, it's long, yes, it's boring. Is it really a guide? I don't know. Will this even be important to anyone...
  • Wiki Page: Multiplayer tips and tricks

    How to own in gears of War 2 HAMMER BURST HAMMER BURST HAMMER BURST.... start with this as your starting weapon. You have to rush power weapons expecially the boomshot, 9 times outta 10 if you dont contest boomshot your team will lose. Also do not leave torque bow uncontested this is perhaps the easiest...
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