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Multiplayer tips and tricks

Gears of War 2

Multiplayer tips and tricks

How to own in gears of War 2

HAMMER BURST HAMMER BURST HAMMER BURST.... start with this as your starting weapon.

You have to rush power weapons expecially the boomshot, 9 times outta 10 if you dont contest boomshot your team will lose. Also do not leave torque bow uncontested this is perhaps the easiest weapon in the game to get kills with.

You have to active with every weapon active reloads mean so much more in this game then they did in the first one if you active your shots will register so much more expecially with sniper and shotty.

When using the sniper rifle you cannot do the old GOW thing by going Rambo style on them you have to whip out that shotty. I recommend if your not a good sniper do not aim for the head, try to hit the body and finish them off with hammer burst or shotty depending on range. {what the hell am i saying of course go for the headshot}. also with the sniper you cannot popshot as quick as the first game, count to one before you pull the trigger on a popshot or you will find it will not register. and ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE.

Use frags to your advantage they are an easy way of getting cheap but good kills without much skill they also are good for protecting your team.

Teamwork is a huge part of this game you can no longer just abandon your team and go on your own you will die very very very fast.

And please let me leave you with one word of advice 2 peice no matter how cheap or how much of a noob move it is because if you dont two peice you will get two peiced.

Please pick up teamates if they are downed nobody likes the *** that doesnt pick up their teammate and runs around for a minute untill they die leaving you to die also.!!!!!

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