I want to start off by saying that I hate Gears of War multiplayer. It consumed hundreds of hours of my life between both games. Somehow I dealt with the lags, cheats, and exploits because I saw a light. That light never came as each patch ended up breaking the game even more.

That's not to say I didn't learn a thing or two while playing. My team went 76-30 to come in 50th place out of 5000. We went to a tournament and got to the semi-finals. So let me bestow some wisdom upon you.

1. Teamwork

Before you get good at killing your opponent or mastering a weapon. You need teamwork. Gears of War is a highly team based game. Make sure you play with your close friends.

Rule #1 - DON'T ARGUE. Arguments are the downfall of any team in the history of all competitiveness. You must get along with your team. Patience is key. Don't expect every order you give to be followed or successfully completed. If something doesn't work out. Learn from it and move on.

Rule #2 - Choose your teammates wisely. If you're serious about getting pro in this game. Don't let your friend who sucks at games and only plays an hour a day join your team. Make sure you get dependable players. They don't neccesarily have to live near you if your going to do online tourneys.

Rule #3 - Assign roles. Have one sniper, one torque user, and two hammerburst players. All other weapons are anyones game. It is the job of the hammerburst players to defend the sniper or torque guy. They must down whoever they see. Focus fire and the opponent should go down within seconds allowing a torque man to easily pick him off or a sniper to take out his friends.

Rule #4 - Learn each others playstyle. If you know your buddy likes to rush in and unleash hell. Let him do so but give him support so he doesn't look stupid. Help your teammates out and they will listen to you in the future.

2. Weapons

Before you go on to tricking your opponent and picking them off, you need to understand how your going to pick them off with whatever weapon you have.

A. Starting Weapon

Always choose the hammerburst. Lancer is noob fest. When you get the hammerburst down you will be downing players all over the map. The key to using the hammerburst is to shoot anythign that moves. It packs a powerful punch and if you damage a player from afar, hopefully one of your buddies can finish him off. At close range, hold your ground and tap the trigger as fast as you can into the guys chest. If he gets too close, roll back and continue.

B. Shotgun

My favorite weapon. Mastering the shotgun is the best thing you can do. In Gears of War 1, that was really all you needed to know to take out the whole team. In Gears 2, it is a bit different. The shotgun is slower and requires you to be closer. The first tip is NEVER BLINDFIRE. That may have worked in the first game but this time around, the accuracy is retarded. Always aim your shot. If your opponent is wall bouncing like an animal, don't worry. That doesn't work as well as it did. Just hold your ground and shoot where he will end up in his bounce. He's gonna be dead before he realize he's an idiot. If you're going to wallbounce, slide into the guy and hit the trigger, you should kill him in one shot unless he kills you first. Combine both to be master shotty user.

C. Sniper

If you want to master this. Forget every other weapon and only focus on this. You need to snipe for days before you get the hang of it. Personally, the most important thing for me is DAMAGE OVER HEADSHOTS. If you hit a guy, he is blood red and one  or two hammerburst shots or a shotty can take him down. Just hit someone and let a buddy know right away or take him down yourself. If you get a headshot, congrats, but I always found it more risky to reveal your position and miss over revealing your position and killing the guy.

D. Torque Bow

This is the easiest weapon for an insane amount of kills. Just place the dot on the guy and fire. Make sure you charge it down all the way. If the fool is behind cover, shoot the ground next to him to blow him away. In Gears 2, this works almost all the time. Also the headshots with this thing feel really good and get you pumped up. THIS IS A GAME WINNING WEAPON, ALWAYS PICK IT UP!

E. Boomshot

This weapon is iffy in Gears 2. You need an active to guarantee a kill by shooting at the ground. The first shot usually has to be dead on. I personally never pick it up. It only has three shots which can get you 3 kills, but only if your good or lucky. Lag is a huge factor with this one. Also, NEVER BLINDFIRE. You will most likely kill yourself if you blindfire directly in front of you.

F. Pistol

Got a guy hurt, pull out your pistol and tap away to bring him down. This is a great weapon to pull out in the heat of battle if your either out of ammo or if you want to melee someone. THIS IS THE BEST MELEE WEAPON. If you see someone coming up to you with a pistol, he's gonna whack you in the face. You should do the same.


3. Movement

At the beginning of every map. You need to hold down A and run to a weapon with your teammates. Also let go of A and tap it again to roll. Rolling gets you a few extra inches more in your distance. Over time, this adds up to you getting to the weapon faster than your opponent.

WALL BOUNCING - Ok this will either get you killed or get you kills. Depends how you do it. To wall bounce is simple, aim your analog towards a close wall and hit away to slide into it. Now as soon as you make contact, flick the analog towards another wall or an opening and tap A again. Rinse and repeat. You will run circles around your opponent as he wildly shoots the air unless he knows what to do. Now the key to killing someone while you bounce is to either shoot him a soon as you hit a wall, and then bounce, or to slide directly into him and blow him away. The latter has a higher chance of your death but a higher chance of your opponents as well.



That's it for now. I'll update it later with map tactics.