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Gears of War 2 Synopsis

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 Synopsis

I made this a long time ago for another forum to show some kids what the real story of the second game was like because they were too afraid to buy it personally and figure it out. Yes, it's long, yes, it's boring. Is it really a guide? I don't know. Will this even be important to anyone? I don't really care. I just hope that someone would like to read a small summary of what I would consider a large essay. If you have plenty of free time like I did making this, feel free to read yourself to death. You don't have to read it: I just wanted you guys to see it if you didn't own the game. Prepare to die.

This picks up after the battle with R.A.A.M. There is no specific date, but you start off at a hospital housing the sick Rustlung patients. As you train your new member, Ben Carmine, the hospital gets attacked by Locust and you must set up a retaliation with your trusted friend, Dom, and the tough-as-nails Tai. The three of you split up as you, Marcus Fenix must flank them on your own. As the cinematic action overwhelms the player, you reunite with Carmine and drive the Locust out of the hospital and back to their hideout. You suspect foul play, but Dom doesn't care right now; he wants to find his wife Maria. He hopes Anya has intel but she cannot bear to lie to him. As angry as he is, you keep marching to a worn-out Locust stronghold that was once a famous town. As you ride on your gargantuan Grindlift rig, you encounter ferocious rig pirates, Brumaks, and even Corpsers, but you manage to make it to the town, only to find Tickers that injure Dizzy's rig, Betty. Luckily, it survives, and so does Tai. Lucky to be unscathed, you march slowly through the city to clear out the remaining Tickers. Finally, you give Dizzy the heads-up. As you march through more rubble, you find a large rock tunnel that is swarming with more Tickers, and again you must clear them out. After killing the Reaver, you'll reach the mortar squad. Once you use the mortars to clear out the enemy squads, a Brumak appears and you must burn it to the ground with your Mortar. You make it through the second tunnel and kill the opposing Locust as they swarm around the vehicle. When you manage to kill them, a large enemy with a dual chainsaw staff rises from the ground and slices a tank in two. Tai and Dizzy battle it to the death while you, Dom, and Carmine trap yourselves in the Grindlifts. You're propelled into the ground and Carmine heads off course. You and Dom regain stability and find Carmine's location. As you save him from impending doom, Jack fixes his Grindlift so that you can dig through the rest of the tunnel. As it sputters out of energy, you rush into the battlefield and clash with Boomers and grenadiers. After that, you head up to find Wretches hiding on the ceiling. After escaping such perils, you find a rockworm, which is impenetrable to gunfire. Dom studies it and notices it enjoys the red fruit on the ground. After the quaint observation, you run into a sniper outpost, and you soon notice the fuel tank at the edge that you must shoot to blow it up. After getting a little sniper practice on the hilltop, you run into a Troika and Reaver, and even more Boomers. But you surpass them in skill, and you find your allies being pounded by mortars. By taking their own mortars, you turn the tide of the battle and save your mates, but then the ground starts to shake, frequency goes out, and you notice something large in the background, but you can't quite tell what it is. After cleaning out more outposts, you run across ancient ruins and a Kantus. He commands a small battalion to attack but you manage to best him. After getting past more fighting and a few more Troikas, you manage to run into the dangerous enemy you saw previously riding atop a rather large Reaver, and then a GINORMOUS worm slowly crumbles the ground around you. You are thankfully not close enough to be swallowed, but you soon realize that it has destroyed Ilima and that it plans to punch holes around Jacinto. It soon becomes your mission to save any civilians caught in the burning city. Bloodmounts and snipers surround the area, and as you keep fighting, a Raven squad requires assistance. Once you reach them, you find them dead and soon get trapped into an ambush. But, who better to show up than the Cole train! He saves you with a cool cutscene and gets you out of harm's way, until a bridge opens up to unleash a horde of Locust after you. You keep sprinting to a bunch of human-sized canisters and find Baird inside one. As they catch up to a beast barge, Boomers and a Grinder try to stop you. As you get it in motion, Reavers attack and soon you collide with another barge. You check each garrison for allies only to find Tai who has been tortured and scarred, and he immediately commits suicide. Baird claims they were breaking people, but you just want to leave. After escaping the barge, you follow the passage of enemies to reach an opening to a large and wide house that has an open roof, perfect for an evac zone. The Locust have a good setup though, and they plan to thwart you. Luckily, you make it, but then the worm comes to swallow you whole, and Carmine forgets to buckle his seatbelt. You wake up in the belly of the beast as Dom has flashbacks of his wife. You manage to survive the acidic plants and digestive teeth inside the worm, but unfortunately Carmine is eaten alive by nasty Dead Space-like creatures. Like an Indiana Jones remake, a giant ball of debris chases you to the end of its digestive tract, and you manage to escape to an acidic organ. Baird thinks that maybe cutting the heart's arteries off might work, but you soon find out that it has more than one heart. After fighting the creatures to the hearts, you almost drown in blood before you kill the worm, and you chainsaw your way out. After accomplishing such a feat, and being covered in blood, Hoffman drops a tank instead of an evac. What a ***. Anyway, you have to check a worn-down military base hidden in the mountains. As you blow up the 7 inch steel door with a bomb, you get a cold chill about the insides of the base, and you find out that the base is full of security protocols. After getting through most of them, Wretches come to ruin the day. After them, you reach a lower ground department full of stasis tubes, and strange creatures in them. But, as you enter, you disturb their slumber, and they break out of their tubes with brute force. You keep chainsawing them in half, but they just keep coming from nowhere. Finally, you reach the doors and escape, shutting down the automated voice. After getting out of the razorhail storm, Mt. Kadar becomes your next trek, but at least you have a tank to beast up in. Tank shells bursting Locust apart, you find an icy lake that slides your tank around while you are being attacked by mortars and the ice keeps cracking. You manage to escape it, and now you must deal with the Reavers and the Seeders upon the hill. After that, you find a small base set up near the cave opening. By shooting the tower down, you are able to open the large gate. But, the icy cave becomes colder as a Corpser jumps out through the wall, only to run away. You follow it childishly, almost killed by falling ice, but after making it past a few ramps, your power goes out, and you find yourself surrounded by Corpsers. Killing them pointblank, you have to fight two Brumaks as well, and then make a ramp to the next stage. After finding innocent civilians, Dom finds a clue about Maria. You and Dom march to the ruins and make it to a boat that will get you across the expansive waters. As you fight Locust ships and jump from boat to boat, you get a loud vibration underneath the water. You soon fall down a huge waterfall and luckily survive the fall. Then, the giant beast comes up to fight, where you toss grenades into its mouth to kill it. Finally, you find the Locust Nexus highway, and you follow Dom this time to find his wife in a canister stowed away with hundreds of others. Unfortunately, he is too late to save her from slavery, and so he does what he has to do: kill her to save her. You fend off the Locust while he grieves, and you catch up Cole and Baird as you set up a beacon for all the Cogs to drop their Grindlifts at. Reunited once again, you travel into the large castle of the Nexus, and notice a struggle between Locust and glowing Locust. As you kill them and cross the gargantuan path of brute enemies, you find an elevator that two of you use to shoot as the others move the gun down, and when you reach the bottom, you find a trolley that leads you to the Locust Queen as Reavers attack you from each side. You manage to make it to the Queen's hideout, and as you keep fighting through each trial of enemies, you spiral down into the underground lair of her hideout. A massive-sized hallway surrounds you and you must fight your way across a cavernous amount of guards, but once you get through the pitfall at the end, the doors become open, and you meet up with the queen, only to talk instead of kill her. But, she quickly escapes, and Skorge comes out to fight you and Dom as Baird and Cole go after the Queen. After finally beating him in combat, he runs away to his large Reaver, and you do the same by flying your way out of the Locust territory, only to be chased by Skorge and his menace. After wading through the mass of trees, you find the Reaver right behind you, and you must stop him before he eats you alive. Finally, you beat him and Skorge and make it to Jacinto. After helping Hoffman by securing the base from imminent destruction, you must stop an incoming attack from Brumaks. Finally, you are sent to find a way into the Locust base again so that you can unleash the Lightmass Bomb, but you must go through more Locust that surround you and then make it through a large street and a flurry of bullets only to find a Grinder and a Hammer of Dawn. As you crush them with "The Hammer", you find a crane that helps you across the landscape, and as you get past more enemies and a Flamer, you kill the hook climbers, and fall through a rooftop only to find more Locust. Finally, you chainsaw a tower down to make a homemade bridge, but it fails and you barrel roll to the bottom to find a large building and an even larger mob of Locust at the bottom. Unfortunately, the tower falls and you somehow manage to get an elevator to go left, which is impossible. But, a Brumak tries to stop you in your tracks by shooting at you, but once you kill its rider, you take the helm and stomp upon your enemies as they helplessly are defeated by your Brumak. You then fight a Corpser and then a beast barge. Soon, you find three pillars that can be knocked out and as you do, the Brumak goes Lambent and starts mutating, but Baird loses the Lightmass Bomb in the Emulsion. You plan to shoot the Brumak with a Hammer of Dawn, hoping that it will trigger an explosion so that Jacinto will sink upon the Locust that once planned to destroy it. As the Cogs swim and fly away, Anya comforts you from the other Raven, and you're glad to see everyone made it. But the fight is not over yet. 

If you made it to the end, it took me only 2 hours to come up with this whole thing.

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