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Achievement Hunter: Kick Em When They're Down

Gears of War 2

Achievement Hunter: Kick Em When They're Down

 To get this achievement you have to execute the enemy in every way possible.

Bow Hit: B while holding torque bow

Curb Stomp: need i say anything

Head Slice: y while holding torque bow

Fooooooooore: B while holding shot gun

Lancer Kill: B while holding lancer

Crack: A while their down,then X

CPR: y while their down

Pistol Hit: Y while holding boltok pistol

Shield Kill: Y while holding boomshield

BAM: y while holding longshot rifle

Whack: B while holding longshot

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  • Fixed all spelling errors and changed intro so it better explains how to get the achievement.

  • thanx

  • Thanks, I've been trying to get this just wasn't sure what buttons I had to hit with certain weapons.

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