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  • Blog Post: To good!

    Well there should have been more guns but it was still beast. I could not stop playing it at times just to fun! More
  • Blog Post: A Superb sequel!

    Gears of war succeeds in all the right places. the story picks up after the first, except this time everythings better!! Graphics-- stunning everything is bigger this time around, whether it be area, enemies or exsplosions. Gameplay/Story- gears of war 2 was more then just a good game it kept me emotionally... More
  • Blog Post: My Gears 2 Review

    I rate games not consoles, but so rarely do i find a game that is so horrible in funtion yet reviewers give it a great grade, such a game would be gears 2. You see what people fail to realize is that gears 2 was a sh*t storm from the start. From its plot hole filled soap opera story to its horribly flawed... More
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