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  • Blog Post: To good!

    Well there should have been more guns but it was still beast. I could not stop playing it at times just to fun! More
  • Blog Post: A Superb sequel!

    Gears of war succeeds in all the right places. the story picks up after the first, except this time everythings better!! Graphics-- stunning everything is bigger this time around, whether it be area, enemies or exsplosions. Gameplay/Story- gears of war 2 was more then just a good game it kept me emotionally... More
  • Blog Post: Freaking Epic.

    this game rocks your socks with a campaign that makes you fight 10 story monsters and epic battles and with awesome multiplayer with TONS of maps and gory and i mean GORY gameplay like sawing someone in half witha chainsaw and steping on someones head and punches someones face in.this game is dam worth... More
  • Blog Post: Gears of War 2: An "Epic" Sequel

    Gears of War 2: Review An “Epic” Sequel Gears of War 2 is almost everything you would expect when you want to play a gory shooter filled with chainsaws and blood splattering against the screen, or is it? This time around there’s a lot more to Marcus and Dom than simply ripping the locust... More
  • Blog Post: 3 inches of blood? Not ENOUGH!

    Let me first off say this game blew away the expectations that I had for it. I was expecting half of what they delivered. I feel like I was spoiled with this game. WOW! The graphics are what you would expect from legendary creators "Epic". I was truly impressed with all they captured on certain... More
  • Blog Post: They Threw A Wrench In It

    I love the first Gears game. It introduced unique gameplay material, which is for me one of the most important elements of a good game, especially sequels. Gears of War 2 received hordes of hype, and undeservedly so. Here's why: Concept The original story was pretty good. It didn't need much... More
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