I got bored so I felt like doing a review for Gears of war 2.I played part one and I thought this real good when I finished I was the #1 fan.When GOW2 came out I knew I had to play it.When I did I was very impressed they improved the graphics,gameplay,they added execution's.the story line was deeper,they added new weapons,and they added new characters.I honestly can't say anything negative about it.Honestly this game opened me up to shooters specialy third-person shooter,and some first-person shooters.I loved the little Gears of war character unlockables I thought I wouldn't play aas RAAM again but EPIC proved me wrong.I loved taking picture's when ever I died.The control's honestly didn't change from part 1.Well that's about it..umm I hope Gears of war 3 knock's me out of the park big time(of course it will).Please leave a comment.