Gears of war succeeds in all the right places. 
      the story picks up after the first, except this time everythings better!!

    •  Graphics-- stunning everything is bigger this time around, whether it be area, enemies or exsplosions.

           Gameplay/Story- gears of war 2 was more then just a good game it kept me emotionally attached the whole way through 

          Difficulty- i cant say much on this cause i only beat up too hard on co-op but it was pretty challenging but it was rewarding

          Soundtrack- the chainsaws sound awesome. must i say more?

        multiplayer- the horde mode is one of my favorite multiplayer games out there
                               and the other modes compliment the game very well

       Overall this game is very Solid and should definitly be played!

       ps: heres to gears of war 3 :D