Gears of War 2 will be remembered for a long time.

Graphics:  The graphics in Gears 2 are simply mesmerizing.  Every little detail looks great and the environments are unbelievable.

Campaign:  The campaign is intense and epic in Gears 2.  Many twists and turns happen along the way which will completely change the rest of the game.  The game also has intense cinematic moments that capture the atmosphere of the game.  The campaign can also be done in co-operative play as player one is Marcus Fenix and two is Dom.  The co-op is just one of the many great aspects of the game.

Gameplay:  The shooting feels right and the cover system works very well.  It doesn't get confusing or glitchy when you try to move away from it.  The shooting also is so much better with the variety in the weapons.  Each category of weapons have several different varieties that you can use.  The weapons also. for the most part, are fairly evenly balanced.  The ones that aren't balanced (ex. mini-guns) are extremely powerful but run out of ammo quickly and you don't find more often.

Horde:  The new addition to go along with the campaign and online play is a game mode called horde.  It basically is a hold-off and survive gameplay.  It plays out to be very fun and addicting.  This is also more fun if you do it cooperatively, either spit-screen or online with five players.

Online: This is where the game falls short. First of all, getting into a match takes a very long time. Then once you are in you can't back out of the match. This is very annoying because if you are playing with all guys who are the highest level and you are lagging, its impossible to do anything. When you actually find a match you want to stay in it can be fun.  The online is very addictive though as it can be very fun.  It also is very unique and deserves to be played even if you think you won't like it.

Gears of War 2 is an excellent game despite its downside in online. It has some of the best looking graphics and some of the best cinematic cut scenes. Overall I give this game a 9.25/10.