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My Gears 2 Review

I rate games not consoles, but so rarely do i find a game that is so horrible in funtion yet reviewers give it a great grade, such a game would be gears 2. You see what people fail to realize is that gears 2 was a sh*t storm from the start. From its plot hole filled soap opera story to its horribly flawed unbalanced glitched multiplayer. I will not say it sucks without bringing up points however.


Beautiful, Highly detailed, and realistic, unfortunatly this is the games only selling point


First off let me tell you about my love for the first gears of war which i still play to this day. Everyone remembers that horrifying cutscene at the end of the fist gears (After handing General Raam's ass to himself on a silver platter.) of the locust riding the nemicest after witnessing the lightmass bomb.

the story to gears 2 starts off after the destruction of the lightmass bomb when you hear that the locust are sinking citys with a giant rockworm and a disease called  rust lung has spread. You see this brings us to our first plot hole: rustlung is dangerous and yet its only mentioned in the first chapter, you practicaly hear nothing after that. This pathetic plothole is soon followed by another more ridiculous one: Dizzy dissapears for no apparent reason. you dont see him after you defeat Skorge and he was a pointless character.

It was the same with Tai also. He comes in barly fights with you for a chapter, gets captured you save him and he blows his brains out. These were characters players had no emotional attachment to. Hell i chuckled when Tai blew his brains out. Then there were moments that were just pathetic that you can laugh at, like Dom crying over his wife. I was humiliated to have my family in the room during that cutscene. it was like watching a spanish soap opera.


Dear God i dont even know where to start on this glitch filled, laggy, flawed, 5 year old infested suck fest. First off being the waiting time you have to go through in order to get into a game only so the retard host can quit so you go down a rank. which reminds me: The Host, if you read the first paragraph to this reveiw this is what i mean by unbalanced. the instant someone becomes the host YOU AUTOMATICALY LOSE!!! The host gets a incredebly unfair advantage.

If one kid has a crappy connection the entire community in the game has to suffer for it. Lets not forget the glitches, oh god the wretched glitches. I swear i was playing once and i saw a kid walk up to me and chainsaw me... with a pistol. with glitches like Invisible man, double melee, crab walking, wall tag and punch, weilding the boom shield with any weapon and many more glitches, Its a living wonder people play this game online in the first place   

Lets also not forget the lag. Lag is more common in gears 2 then there are retards in politics. Lag infests every...single...orfice in this game. The lag in this game is a result of little to no work put in the online. All it takes is one laggy connection to ruin the experiance for everyone.The only thing more broken then the servers in the game is the ranking system.The patches dont fix it either, Hell epic wanted us to buy new maps for it before they released the first patch!

Mr.BlenZinski promised us a game that was bigger, better, and more ***, but in the end we got none of that. Instead we got a unfinished, hardly worked on, peice of garbage. I sincerly hope im not the only one who thinks this and i sincerly hope they improve on it in gears 3.

  • u are the only one who thinks this.jackass-i just want to know what gives you the right to make fun of any fat person u r not god.u arent perfect.
  • Listen jackass,2 piece and double beat down aren't glitches.and u have no right to make fum of fat people,because i guarentee u r a fat person urself.and i also bet the only reason u dont like Gears 2 is because u suck ass at it.
  • this review is nearly a year old. most of the glitches in the game have been fixed.(i actually havent ran into a glitcher in months) so this review is kinda dated. i will admit the grenade tags are a *** joke. they are the worst thing to happen to gears. and i also agree that the *** host advantage, it is a load of bullgarbage. but the shotgun... it honestly got fixed. its still not the gears one shotgun(in gears 2 i takes one second more to unload the 8 rounds) witch may not sound like much but i can see the difference. but yeah most of the *** that made me sell the game got fixed. once i heard about it i rebought it and was actually pleased with the product. but still, i have the bad taste in my mouth from the launch. it may be fixed now... but still the launch was a total let down. and that is why to this day only a couple thousand still play the game instead of tens of thousands.
  • just be thankful that gears 3 is gona have a beta to make sure it doesnt have the god awful launch that gears 2 had