Gears of War is easily one of the best games of 2008 for many reasons. The campaign, Horde mode, the graphics, all epic. The story is a well written sci-fi one, with awesome characters(ESPECIALLY Marcus Fenix, he's probably my all time favorite game hero). The story is about elite soldiers called Gears, who are Marcus, Dom, Baird, and Cole(who is hilarious) as they delve deep into Locust(or "Grub") territory to light up the beacon, and kill the queen.

The campaign, as said is frikkin' awesome, you can play it alone or with a friend. It's really long for a shooter campaign, being about 7-11 hrs. The campaign has some good replay value of at least 2-3 playthroughs. For offliners, there's bots to play aginst and with in all the modes in multiplayer, and for onliner, there's(durrr) online multi. The multi(excluding the bot play) isn't very good, as theres more lag than the average game, and the weapons arn't incredibly balanced. Their still pretty balanced though. The bot play is really fun though, especially split-screened with a friend. Horde mode is alot of fun, its a survival mode with 50 rounds and the farther you go, the harder it gets. You can also turn the difficulty up when it starts getting to easy. You and some friends fight dozens of Locust each round, as the types of Locust get harder, so does their health, accuracy and damage every 10 levels.

The graphics in this game are some of the best out there, and push the limits of all game's graphics. The characters and enviorments are beautifully detailed.

The voice acting is top notch, the gun and other sounds are very well done. The soundtrack is great.

So overall Gears of War 2 is a flat-out awesome game that should be in everyones collection(exept kids 12 and younger, its really violent). You will also find alot of replay value in this game as well.
The Good-
-Great campaign
-Bot matches
-Horde mode
-Super awesomeness graphics
-Great voice acting
-Cool characters
-Good story
The Bad-
-Online lag
-Online glitchers
-Some Glitches
Gameplay: 9.5
Graphics: 10.0
Sound: 9.75
Replay Value: 9.25
Overall: 9.5