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Game of Thrones

The Game Of Thrones Video Game Began Development Well Before The TV Show

The Game of Thrones video game is more than just a TV show cash-in. The developers at Cyanide Studio began work on the game, "when the TV series was only a rumor."

In this behind the scenes video, the developers at Cyanide Studios talk about how they worked closely with George R.R. Martin, and began discussions with the author to adapt the book series into a game seven years ago.

Game of Thrones the video game will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next week on May 15.

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  • Haven't read the books or watched the series. I have been wanting to though and this game gives me another reason to get motivated.
  • Clarifying the two characters helps.  I like the duality they're going for. HOwever for RPG's I typically like being able to create a character from scratch. That's something I think is actually essential to a RPG game to make it a RPG.

    This sounds more like an action/adventure game with some possible heavy RPG elements.  I hope it's good regardless cause I love the books and show and like the canon element to the books.

  • I have a feeling this isn't gonna be great ... but I really want it to be :(

  • I'd rather see an MMO to be honest, I feel like this saga has tons of potential for a MMO!