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Game of Thrones

The Game Of Thrones Video Game Began Development Well Before The TV Show

The Game of Thrones video game is more than just a TV show cash-in. The developers at Cyanide Studio began work on the game, "when the TV series was only a rumor."

In this behind the scenes video, the developers at Cyanide Studios talk about how they worked closely with George R.R. Martin, and began discussions with the author to adapt the book series into a game seven years ago.

Game of Thrones the video game will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next week on May 15.

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  • Definitely want to watch the show, and if they really put that much time into the game I'll have to check that out as well.
  • Hopefully this game will be good.

  • oh then that should be a very good indicator. I pray it is better than the series!
  • Huge fan of the books and show, but I don't know if I want to play this. I like playing as original characters as long as it's set during the time of the books, which it is, so that's good. But Cyanide's GoT RTS was not great. Makes me a bit cautious about this one.
  • Huge fan of the book and TV series... really hope there is some option to punch Joffrey or the stupid Arryn boy...
  • I'd be willing to give it a try.

  • Holy Freaking Crap i hope this turns out to be good because im in love with the TV series.

  • ahh you don't get to create your own character, you have to play as old men :/
  • Some of the graphics in the game were a bit edgy and sometimes bugged out. Hopefully they fixed that, other then that I would love to get this game once I'm exhausted of Diablo 3 :)
  • I would love a good game based on this universe...

  • For a game that is coming out in a few days they have showed surprisingly little gameplay, and what I have seen to me has been average at best.  If they manage to create a story that feels authentic to the books that is great but if the gameplay is terrible the game will be terrible.  

  • If this game can come close to the essence of the books or even the HBO series it will be great. Hopefully its a mature game like the witcher and doesnt shy away from the mature content in the books.

  • If this game is really gonna be any good, how does anyone expect me to get Dragon's Dogma and it while my brother is breathing down my neck for Witcher II and I have yet to even finish Reckoning?

    Darn these RPGs...

  • Was Kyle to lazy to put the PS and PC logo in the console section at the top? It gives off the sense that this is an Xbox exclusive to someone who is just learning about this(like me).
  • Mod
    Usually pretty skeptical about such games, but I love this universe so much, I will have to get it. Plus the art book will make a nice addition to my coffee table made out of art books.
  • It would be so awesome if this ended up being a good game but I am not holding out a lot of hope

  • Game will most likely be overlooked because people only judge games by their graphics.
  • So, they were already designing it into other forms of media before it was even cool?
  • now people can at least stop calling this a cash in on the show
  • I hope they don't butcher this game...

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