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Game of Thrones

Atlus Publishing New Game Of Thrones RPG In 2012

Cyanide Studio's first stab at the Game of Thrones property – the RTS subtitled Genesis – didn't go over so well, but the developer (along with publisher Atlus) are readying a new RPG set in Westeros for a 2012 release.

This Game of Thrones title will come out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 sometime in early 2012, and it lets players pick from two different original characters who were allied with Robert Baratheon when he took the throne. It's unknown how/if the game's events will mirror those in the books, but here's hoping that it doesn't make you feel like an also-ran next to the books' characters and events that we love so much.

The game is based both on author George R.R. Martin's larger A Song of Ice and Fire series (of which A Game of Thrones is the first book) as well as HBO's hit series of the same name.

Cyanide is saying that the RPG will take roughly 30 hours, and includes numerous quests, battles, and political machinations that will shape the direction of the realm. Combat is being governed by what the developer is calling the "active slowdown tactical combat engine," which slows but doesn't stop combat so you can make strategic decisions.

For our review of developer Cyanide Studio's previous Game of Thrones title, A Game of Thrones – Genesis, check it out here.

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  • I just started reading the series and am already in the second book. Let's hope it is as good as the source material.
  • Looks good, but for an RPG 30 hours isn't much, it would take a considerable amount of information for me to get interested in dropping $60 on it.
  • This might be my introduction into the series.
  • I haven't really checked out Game Of Thrones, but I'm interested how well they could adapt it to a game.

  • I'll keep an eye out for this one, but to be honest I'm not really expecting much from it.
  • I hope this game adopts the concept well. The source material is wonderful. It would be a shame to see it torn apart by a crappy game.

  • I really hope this new video game does the series justice. Genesis was an awful RTS that could have been done a lot better than what was released. The graphics do look great in the screenshots. I guess there's at least one good thing shown....

  • only way to win: slap the M rating and make sure the blood, gore, and boobies are in it!
  • Good luck, Cyanide Studio.

  • Please don't ruin my favorite books. PLEASE!!!!

  • It looks nice. Hope it delivers great experience but I am skeptical.

  • This may be fairly cool. I wonder what characters you get to choose from that will make or break this game.

  • Never heard of it till the Tail of the Sun super replay....should i check it out?

  • Delete.
  • I think they should base it entirely on the book as they can do in games what they can't do with the show. They can create characters more authentic. Tyrion is supposed to be quite ugly, repulsive, and grotesque in the books. I would also like them to wait a bit and maybe go beyond the first book and season. They could split it into 2-3 games that way with over 70 hours of gameplay per game. Martin is just over-franchising and making quick profits before he probably ticks everybody off and kills all the favorite characters.
  • As a huge fan of the books and HBO series, I have high hopes for this. Concidering their botched attempt at an RTS, I'm a tad scheptical. Personally, I'd feel better if Bioware or Bethesda was handling this, but we don't always get what we want I suppose. Here's hoping Cyanide is better at making RPGs than RTSs.

  • This game has a lot of potential to be awesome anyone who is familiar with the story probably agrees hopefully it is realized. The characters you get to choose from will make or break it really though.

  • A Game of Thrones is amazing. I'm still about 200 pages left, but it's probably my favorite book ever. It's awesome.

  • Love the series, skeptical about the game
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