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  • Blog Post: An (almost) completely missed opportunity.

    The recent Dragon Age and Witcher games have shown there is huge interest in dark and mature tales of fantasy in the video game realm. It seems only fitting then that the megahit fantasy book series, George R.R. Martin's "A Tale of Ice and Fire" and the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones,... More
  • Blog Post: This game was ok but big problems.

    I was hopeing for a good game but it turned out to be a joke,But the storyline was great. Gameplay,Combat are pathetic And graphics are ok. This game is ok but If you buy it be prepared you might not like it or it may be to hard for you. More
  • Blog Post: Game of Thrones

    Not the game you'd expect... Note: My normally lengthy review archetype will be slightly shorter than usual, by a bit only. I intend to conduct this entire review in the classic Game Informer rating system layout of things (concept, graphics, sound, etc.) and will have a few paragraphs or so below... More
  • Blog Post: Game of Thrones Review

    George R.R. Martin's ongoing A Song of Ice and Fire book series, adapted as Game of Thrones by HBO, seldom gives fans cheerful terminuses. Instead, the perpetually clashing Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are populated by morally bewildered narcissuses and cunning backstabbers. Developer Cyanide Studios... More
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