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  • Blog Post: Creating More Problems For Westeros

    The setting for A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (and its accompanying HBO series, Game of Thrones ) is bleak. Betrayal, murder, and underhanded scheming are major components of the franchise’s winning formula. These themes make Westeros an intriguing and dangerous place, a fact that... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Of Thrones Video Game Began Development Well Before The TV Show

    The Game of Thrones video game is more than just a TV show cash-in. The developers at Cyanide Studio began work on the game, "when the TV series was only a rumor." In this behind the scenes video, the developers at Cyanide Studios talk about how they worked closely with George R.R. Martin,... More
  • Blog Post: Game Of Thrones Gets A Release Date, Screens, And A Trailer

    TVs most popular show featuring war, incest, and magic has an RPG on the way to 360, PS3, and PC. Publisher Atlus is celebrating the newly revealed May release with a slew of screenshots and a new trailer. Besides announcing the new media and the May 15 release date, Atlus also unlocked the Riverspring... More
  • Blog Post: Journey To The Wall In New Game Of Thrones Trailer

    The new trailer for Atlus' upcoming Game of Thrones video game adaptation shows off one of the most unique landmarks in the fantasy realm of Westeros: The Wall, an icy barrier constructed to protect the civilized people of the world from an ancient, evil force. The trailer is brief, but it certainly... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus Publishing New Game Of Thrones RPG In 2012

    Cyanide Studio's first stab at the Game of Thrones property – the RTS subtitled Genesis – didn't go over so well, but the developer (along with publisher Atlus) are readying a new RPG set in Westeros for a 2012 release. This Game of Thrones title will come out for PC, Xbox 360, and... More
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