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Game and Wario

Nintendo Stealth-Reveals Game & Wario

Wario is a popular character, and he gets to star in another game when the Wii U launches later this year. However, instead of revealing that at the press conference, Nintendo decided to spend time on Sing.

Thankfully, Wario wasn't glossed over completely. His new game, under the working title Game & Wario, appears on a list of upcoming Wii U titles. It's listed as a Wii U launch title featuring alternating 5-player multiplayer. Game & Wario is, unsurprisingly, a minigame collection that exclusively uses the GamePad controller. Nintendo claims that all of the minigames, like archery, skiing, and photo-taking, "retain the original flair and character" of the micro-games in previous WarioWare titles.

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  • This is a nice fit for wii u

  • I've never liked WarioWare and I don't think this will change my mind. The best Wario game is hands down the Gameboy Pocket one.
  • Nintendo's logic confuses me sometimes.
  • Homage to Game and Watch. Nice.

  • Hey Joe, is there actually an official list of upcoming Wii-U titles? I've been piecing the launch lineup together from separate announcements but a list of everything would be easier.
  • Gane & Wario is such an amazing title.

  • Mod

    WTF, Nintendo? Why would you put so much focus on Nintendo Land when this will easily showcase everything the Wii U controller can do, just like all the other WarioWare games. *Sigh* Oh well, at least it exists.

  • Ah man, I love the WarioWare games!  excited that the WiiU is getting a similar game.