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Learn More About Overstrike 9 And Its Mission

If you have been wondering why Insomniac Games' latest is called Fuse, the launch trailer has your answer. You'll also get a look at some of the weapons and the types of damage they'll inflict on your masked foes.

Fuse arrives on May 28, 2013, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The demo is available now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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  • The demo for this was pretty underwhelming.
  • The explained why the game is called FUSE.
  • I will finally have my pre-order in any day now.

  • After playing the demo I'm completely sold on this game and can't wait to start-up a new couch co-op campaign shooter.
  • I thought the thumbnail was a picture of RE Revelations, those characters at a glance looked like Chris Redfield and Raymond.

  • The gameplay was really solid in the demo, but it did not show off much of the game. I still may need to see some reviews before I pick this up.
  • Ummm........still wayyyy better when it was OVERSTRIKE. They changed it and for the worse in my opinion.

  • Looks good, but not great.... i'm predicting a 7-8 rating once it comes out. Doesn't seem like a blockbuster but should be fun to pass the time until the blockbusters come out.

  • Just seems so bland for the makers of Ratchet and Clank. I don't care if they changed the name to Fuse, but give me more than 3 colors on screen at once.

  • I played the demo. The universe is as bland and unappealing as most people seem to think; the characters unlikeable. Repetitive dialogue strikes again.

    But worse is that the game feels like a mess. Having four people running around with questionable AI isn't fun (although they are smart when it comes to reviving you... wonder if that will remove all the challenge in the end though?). The actual shooting is terrible too - kind of a big problem when you're making a 3rd person shooter.

    It's so loose; nothing feels good. Nothing feels tight. Nothing feels impactful. This is worlds away from Gears of War, Vanqish or Binary Domain (my 3 favorite shooters this gen). This is... this is almost close to Lost Planet or something. All the weapons feel weak too - something Insomniac has been pushing hard. I mean, they're famous for weapons, right? Ratchet and even Resistance - heck, even DISRUPTOR (let's go there!) - featured guns that felt way better and were WAY more imaginative.

    FUSE is a massive disappointment. Even when you divorce yourself from, "It looked so much more fresh and promising as Overstrike". It's a really mediocre third person shooter. Out of all EA Partners' games - Orange Box, Brutal Legend, Shadows of the Damned, Bulletstorm, Alice Madness Returns, etc. - this one super deserves to fail. I know most of those were commercial failures (save for Orange Box), and EA doesn't like to market these titles very heavily, so I'm pretty sure it'll fail and be quickly forgotten anyway.

    Do better, Insomniac.
  • Generic: The Game
  • It's alright I suppose.

  • i really liked the demo for this and i really want to get the full game

  • Despite the Demo being short, it is fantastic! Very smooth and the weapons are awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to the release.
  • i like it, the gameplay is smooth but you have to get use to it but people want the easy twitch based shooters, the weapons are great i like how it's challenging and not so easy with the weapons killing in 2 shots you have to think to and the graphics are pretty good too idk why people b*tch about the demo, give it a try at least two times and you'll see what im talking about i didn't like it at first but grew to love it quickly

  • I enjoyed the demo and will pick up the game when it releases. And I look at it this way. No, it is not up to the level of Ratchet & Clank. Since Insomniac decided to go multiplatform, they have had to dumb down the game to make it work on the crapbox. And of course it is generic, again to make it fit in with other crapbox games. Insomniac, I'm disappointed that you let yourself fall, but I will still give this one a chance only because you used to be one of my favorite developers.

    And yes, I am a Sony fanboy. 100%. Always have been and always will be. I've been around gaming long enough to know what I like and to have formed my opinions of other systems. Say what you want, it really doesn't matter to me. After all, this is just the internet, lol.
  • So I was playing the demo for this last weekend and during a loading screen I was reading some tips or something and then suddenly I got a strong urge to buy Fuse.  In fact, I think I will.  Buy Fuse.

  • I've been intrigued by this the moment I read about it. I will definitely be picking this one up.