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Insomniac Streams Lots Of Fuse Gameplay

Earlier today, Insomniac streamed a long portion of gameplay though one of Fuse's early levels.

Unfortunately, the stream has ended, but you can watch the whole thing in rerun form by heading here. The gameplay starts at about four and a half minutes into the stream, and goes on for about 40 minutes.

Fuse is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 May 28.

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  • If it has split-screen I might pick this up.
  • Why is Dennis always trying to be stronger and bigger? Even Andre the Giant looks small compared to an elephant. Do you want to be an elephant, or would you rather be the hunter trying to attain valuable ivory? Or would you rather be hunting the hunter? Or perhaps you would rather be flying model planes at the park? Everyone has ham and cheese you just have to add the mayo, or miracle whip (if you swing that way).
  • Actually not looking too bad. For now.

  • Gameplay looks decent, looking forward to this
  • Eh, looks okay.

  • this looks TERRIBLE!
  • It looks interesting, but part of me wonders if it's just another cover based 3rd shooter with a few things here and there to differentiate it.  Still on the fence, but intrigued.

  • The blonde guy on the left has a strong jawline and overall nice face but his hair is holding him back. I think he'd look pretty dapper with short hair.

  • I preordered this and wasn't too sure, but now I'm definitely going for it! I love the co-op that they are doing with it, how you use each other to bring out kill combos

  • i'm interested in this,i want to see some reviews first

  • iteresting

  • I can't help it, but this looks like another pretty and forgettable shooter.. OH! I forgot, in this one they have POWERS. Almost everyshooter has a super powered hero. The ability to hide and recover from multiple gunshot wounds in a few seconds is like playing as wolverine. Also, being the only person in the world who can aim consistently well is a power. You gotta bring intrigue, like Bioshock. Those games have shooting and powers, but I don't feel like they are the focus of those games, however well done they are.

  • I really want this game.

  • Oh yeah, It's all coming together...

  • I am liking the way Fuse looks, but I really wish they kept it the cartoon like style of Overstrike with the over the top humor. I think that they took a different co-op shooter and have made it more generic. I will keep my eyes on it, but I am not sure if it will be a day 1 purchase.